With the help of the Keyboard ,Use the Mouse to the PC

What do you do if you suddenly lose your mouse ?

Take that , now single- click and double-click the mouse Often it takes ,More often , however, it takes two or three clicks to the right , but not .
Today I 'll show you if you have this problem right now is , how to use the keyboard instead of the mouse, who will continue to work to transform the mouse .Let's not talk then boosted , wear to work .
First, your computer's keyboard "Num Lock" off Place .With the one from the keyboard , press "Alt + Shift + Num Lock" .I see a message appears , as shown below ,See image below .

The "tab" button and pressing the "yes" and press enter to select .The keyboard 's "Num Lock" Get on and "num lock" by pressing the buttons to be found , your keyboard and mouse has become .


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