Create PDF File directly from online

The PDF ( Portable Document Format ) has become quite popular .Fonts are in trouble and in need of a PDF document format to achieve more .But despite the PDF making software , the PDF can be made directly online .The MS Office , images , web pages , help files , create PDF files and PDF files VGF to transform Microsoft Office .Go to the site of .The "Source file" in the "Convert from" the "File" option selected, the button "Browse" button on the file to your computer ( The online file "Convert from" the "URL" option button to select the file address ).The "E-mail address" to write down your email address in the "Attach files to e-mail" to check the check box "Convert" button .If you need to upload your files And your email will be sent as PDF files zip .


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  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

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