File Hidden is a Other Way

A lot of users do on your computer ?
But there are some folders on your personal computer ?
You will hide the folder .You do not need the software .Need for two bat file .

bat file creation rules :
I think ,
If you want to hide a folder on drive D movies in the works to follow .

In the same drive create a text file and type
ren movies movies.


Now save this text file as loc.bat

Create another text file and type in it

In the same drive create another a text file and type
ren movies



Now save this text file as key.bat

Now when you click on the folder control panel will loc.bat .

If you want to get back to the folder and click on key.bat come back to it again .
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Online HTML School

According to the results of online sites using HTML codes are not publicly known.You can type or copy and pasting the HTML code in the code where it is in HTML can see the results.You can also pyaktija here about who the new html.
Click on
 this link and you will see the house.
Type or copy and paste the html code into the left edit & click me button.Result will be right at home in the code.
This is the original site .
Here are details about the HTML code.
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Use the Mouse on the PC to the Mobile Through.

What do you do if you suddenly lose your mouse ?

Via mobile, you can control away from the computer or laptop .As a result , Computer or Laptop mouse to your mobile .Due to the smaller wire of the mouse , so you can not control the computer .Again pause or to change the song or video , but the mouse is on your side .You can easily your work with the mobile .

Requirements :- A little away on the movie viewing times do not have to mouse use .Broken Mouse , Mouse can be used as .Media Player is very easy to control .

Necessary Things :- Your desktop or laptop , your mobile (Bluetooth supported ).A Bluetooth device (laptop is Bluetooth on ).

Let 's started :- 
1. Bluetooth connect the first on your Desktop PC .
2. Laptop's Bluetooth to ON .
3. Then connect your Mobile to a Desktop or laptop with .
4. After connect the Mobile ,Mobile "Bluetooth menu" from the "Remote control" that the "ok" button.
5. You will notice that your Mobile phone will be written "Accept HID request from" you "yes" to .
6. Next will come to your Mobile at the option of the three ."Desktop","Media Player","Presenter"
7. I wish to select the option to continue to use .
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Create PDF File directly from online

The PDF ( Portable Document Format ) has become quite popular .Fonts are in trouble and in need of a PDF document format to achieve more .But despite the PDF making software , the PDF can be made directly online .The MS Office , images , web pages , help files , create PDF files and PDF files VGF to transform Microsoft Office .Go to the site of .The "Source file" in the "Convert from" the "File" option selected, the button "Browse" button on the file to your computer ( The online file "Convert from" the "URL" option button to select the file address ).The "E-mail address" to write down your email address in the "Attach files to e-mail" to check the check box "Convert" button .If you need to upload your files And your email will be sent as PDF files zip .
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