Facebook "continue reading" link in what will be inside ? I teach will work 100%

Life without Facebook now almost obsolete .Almost every one of us has one or two ID .However , we would like Facebook to create different pages .We saw a lot of that time , if there is no status of "continue reading" is written .That is,You can Click here to read the full status .The real thing is , "continue reading" We are at the various pages can link to the group .That is,Click here for the page , you can leave the group .So everyone is cheating because When you read a good status when the "continue reading" to be taken to another page .He was upset .The status is alluring , so that the user where to click.
Facebook pages like it was done in order to increase .They make a lot of admin users .Yet the administration has not said anything to them because a lot of likes .
"Continue reading" link How does it work?I will teach you .
First , find out from your page, the ID code "www.findmyfacebookid.com"

Here's the link to your pages will .(For example:-www.facebook.com/uttam.sardar.397 It links to my pages.)
Then you will get the ID code .

To create your pages , such as various types of symbol ( ,।*৳%#!~| Etc) , these are the best .This will see below .
@[ ID code of your page here : The symbol is the name of your page here ]Here are some alluring status (For example: - dial * 500 * 10 * 105 to get 1 gb free gp internet)@@[0:[ ID code in your pages again :1:continue reading]]

At a glance.

@[100008070218051:.] dial *500*10*105 to get 1 gb free gp internet @@[0:[100008070218051:1:continue reading]]
These are not the 0.facebook.com or m.facebook.com and may not be facebook.com .

Here's the way I do ,If you make a mistake , but it will not.

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