Increasing the speed of your PC to shut down without any software

We are asking everyone to turn off the computer after work .However, most of the time I put the computer to sleep mode .
Usually the computer is turned off quickly .But time is taking longer than usual to turn off the computer .Open the computer program to work excessively or become overly RAM data ( overflow ) goes and it creates a new data file pages and the hard disk drive takes place .As a result it takes more time to shut down the computer .If the page file is cleaned before it is shut down , the computer will shut down in normal time .And to do this you do not have to use any Apps .You can work on your PC while the normal settings .
Let's take a look at the whole process step by step .

→ Shut down the speed of the Start menu "Run command" , or keyboard shortcuts to launch "Windows + R" in the press.
→ "Run command" Turn here, "regedit.exe" to enter .

→ Now that the page is opened from the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" to the "SYSTEM" on the "CurrentControlSet" and go to "Control" click .

→ Here's "Control" from the "Session Manager" by clicking on "Memory Management" Open .

→ From the list on the right side "ClearPageFileAtShutdown" - by double-clicking on the open .Here "Value Data" If the house is 1 , then remove the 0 ( zero ) then "OK " Please .If " 0 " , then just " OK" to get out .

You have completed successfully the whole process .Now get out of here .Remember , the page file, the computer security issues .Therefore, it is understood to hear .

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