Safe mode is added to the boot menu

If more than one operating system on your computer , the boot menu to select the operating system to do it and if the operating system ( XP ) Safe Mode by pressing "F8" if you want to open , select the Safe Mode to enter Safe Mode .But if you want to boot into Safe Mode menu you can add,As a result, you can easily access the specific Windows Safe Mode .The right-clicking on My Computer and click "Properties" .Now the "Advanced" from the "Start Up and Recovery" click the Settings button .The "Edit" button and click on the "boot.ini" will open the file in notepad .Finally, the multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) WINDOWS = "Microsoft Windows XP Safe Mode" / safeboot: minimal / sos / bootlog write( If Windows is in "C" drive )and save .Restart the computer to see if the new Microsoft Windows XP Safe Mode boot menu showing the new operating system .Clicking on it in the " C " drive to open the Windows Save Mode .

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