"System Restore" clear up hard disk space

" Windows XP " System Restore 1 to have the option , which gives very useful sometimes .According to the current state of the PC 1 to the configuration file ,If your PC has no problem to change .If the " System Restore" to read your mind , that was the last good PC conditions , the state can take .
Each drive on the PC for this procedure to create the system restore point ,As a result, the hard disk is a "5-10%" had taken part ." By default System Restore" option is enabled .But if you want to measure the amount of available space can do more to restore .

Remember , the " C " drive of 5-7 % for the measure has been in place .When you know that , in the last 10-15 days of PCs did not have any trouble .If your PC's " C " drive , restart your computer to stop the Restore option and After the restart , and a new set of restore options , the PC in the last 15-30 days of the space occupied by the restore point that was saved ,That is empty , it will start a new way to restore your " C " drive on to create some space .Another drive , and this can work .Even if you are permanently " Restore" option can be disabling [ However, it should be kept in the "C " drive on ].Get some free space on the hard disk .

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