To control another computer over the Internet

If your friend in the country and If you are outdoors .Do not do too much on your friend 's computer .If you want to train some of your friends Or want to do something on his computer .But how is it possible to two thousand kilometers away ."Team viewer" software you can use your friend's computer ,As a result, you are able to train him So you can work in a variety of .So, of course , both the computer and Internet connection and "team viewer" software must be installed .Just download the software and install it on both .Both on the software ,If the ID and Password Your Details will come in a little while .Since you will control your friend's computer So from your friends SMS , phone , mobile , messages (chat ) or via email ID and Password to learn his "team viewer" .Now "team viewer" (Remote Support with the selection ) Partner Details ID by entering your friend 's ID section , click Connect Partner ."team viewer" the software will check your friend's computer over the Internet .After entering the password, the password is your friend if you click Log On .After a while your friend's ID in a window title ,Which your friend's computer desktop .Now you have complete control of the desktop computer to your friend ( file / folder, create, delete , type , software installed , downloaded , viewed songs etc.) .Internet connection to maintain the computer log off / shut down to all the rest .Filetransfer to connect to the files on your own computer in your friend's computer files / folders will be able to exchange .

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