To install Windows in a few minutes

Our windows were broken for many reasons .Spend a few hours to install Windows and other application software programs .But a few minutes with the windows all application software is installed, then , is how ? "hiren boot CD" with a few minutes of the drive Windows is installed, you can install the application software .This will keep the image of the Windows drive and if necessary, it will be restored . 95 MB of free software to download and unzip the CD Wright .The hiren boot CD's information ( all of the necessary tools ) can be found on this site .

To create the image :Now, in a new drive to install Windows and Useful for all application software , drivers and install ( Before you have even installed ).After entering the CD to boot from CD .If "Hiren's All in 1 BootCD" the keyboard will be "Disk Clone Tools ..." by choosing Enter .Next screen "Acronics Image Enterprise Server" in graphical mode by selecting Enter the moment "Acronics Image Enterprise Server" window appears ,You can use the mouse .The "Create Image" by clicking on "Next" and then the hard drive can be viewed .Suppose you have installed the Windows C: drive and you can C: drive to the image you want .If the C: drive and click Next and Information massage the "Ok" to .The image on the hard drive , select the drive you want to save the file with the name "Next" to .Now the "Create Image Mode" window to the "Create the full backup Image Archive" option is selected in the "Next" to ."Image Archive Splitting" window "Automatic" option in the "Next" to ."Compression Level" window in the "Maximum" ( the image is reduced in size , but it will take a little more time to build and install , select Normal and the image size will be larger and will take less time .) Select "Next" to .Then "Image Archive protection" in the passwords you can use if you wish .The "Next" in the Image Archive Comments "Next" to .Now the "Proceed" button click on the image to be made ​​.

The image to be restored :When Windows is installed, you will need when you will be required to restore the image .You will install the drive to format the drive " Hiren boot CD " from "Partition Tool" from the "Partition Magic Pro 8.05" You can format the drive .
To restore the image of the previous rules, the graphical mode "Acronics Image Enterprise Server" Bring window .Click Next , click on the Restore Image and "Image Archive Selection" window, select the image to your products, "Next" , please .The "Verify Archive Before The Restoring" window No. "I do not want to verify" the left "Next" and "Partition or Disk to Restore" from the "Disk" by selecting the "Next" to .The drive that Windows is installed, select the drive you want to "Restore Partition Type" window partition ( C drive the primary , and the other logical drives ), select "Next" to and "Restore Partition Size" window defaults to the "Next" to .At the Next Selection No "I do not image" of the "Proceed" button click on the specific drive within a few minutes, everything will be restored exactly .
Check out all the application software installed in the new windows are opened .

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