Use the Mouse on the PC to the Mobile Through.

What do you do if you suddenly lose your mouse ?

Via mobile, you can control away from the computer or laptop .As a result , Computer or Laptop mouse to your mobile .Due to the smaller wire of the mouse , so you can not control the computer .Again pause or to change the song or video , but the mouse is on your side .You can easily your work with the mobile .

Requirements :- A little away on the movie viewing times do not have to mouse use .Broken Mouse , Mouse can be used as .Media Player is very easy to control .

Necessary Things :- Your desktop or laptop , your mobile (Bluetooth supported ).A Bluetooth device (laptop is Bluetooth on ).

Let 's started :- 
1. Bluetooth connect the first on your Desktop PC .
2. Laptop's Bluetooth to ON .
3. Then connect your Mobile to a Desktop or laptop with .
4. After connect the Mobile ,Mobile "Bluetooth menu" from the "Remote control" that the "ok" button.
5. You will notice that your Mobile phone will be written "Accept HID request from" you "yes" to .
6. Next will come to your Mobile at the option of the three ."Desktop","Media Player","Presenter"
7. I wish to select the option to continue to use .


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